Reporting Guidelines

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about reporting to Mohinga.

What sort of projects should be reported to Mohinga?

Only country-level projects should be reported to Mohinga. Global and regional projects, which do not have any activities directly in Myanmar, should not be reported to Mohinga.

Where a regional project has a proportion of total funding allocated to activities that take place in Myanmar, that percentage of spending can be reported to Mohinga.

How do we avoid double-counting in Mohinga? What happens if we report our funding in addition to our implementing partner?

Multiple levels down the delivery chain can be reported in Mohinga while avoiding double-counting. For example, if Canada disburses funds to the Global Fund, both Canada and the Global Fund can report their respective project, from their own perspective. In this case, the Global Fund should report funding received from Canada as Incoming Funds.

Note: currently, dashboards throughout Mohinga do not discount for incoming funds. This is something we are considering doing in future.

What are the minimum required fields in Mohinga?

The following fields are required to publish an activity in Mohinga

  • Title

  • Description

  • Planned start date

  • Actual start date

  • Planned end date (if the activity is complete: Actul end date)

  • Sector (at least one)

  • Location (at least one)

To achieve a 100% activity completeness rating, the following additional fields are required:

  • Implementing organisation

  • Extending organisation

  • Government partner

  • One transaction

  • Default currency

  • Default aid type

  • Default flow type

  • Contact details including: name, telephone number, email address

  • One document