Aid information standard

What is an aid information standard and what would it include?

The Accra Agenda for Action committed the partners to “disclose regular, detailed and timely information on all our aid flows”and “support information systems for managing aid”. The signatories of the International Aid Transparency Initiative committed themselves to “share more detailed and up-to-date information about aid in a form that makes information more accessible to all relevant stakeholders.”The signatories committed themselves to “build on and extend existing standards and reporting systems, consulting partner governments, civil society organisations, parliamentarians and other users of aid information, in order to agree, by end 2009, common definitions and a format to facilitate sharing of aid information.”

This note considers in more detail what is involved in setting an aid information standard. The exact details of what will be included in an aid information standard, and in what form, will depend on the process now underway to identify what information donors can provide without disproportionate cost, and the needs and priorities of users of aid information.